LeaderImpact Podcast

Ep. 6 - Garth Jestley - Our Relationship With Money

March 23, 2022 LeaderImpact Episode 6
LeaderImpact Podcast
Ep. 6 - Garth Jestley - Our Relationship With Money
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Over the course of his career, Garth has held many senior leadership positions in investment management, venture capital, corporate banking, international project financing, private debt placement, and investment banking.

After serving as Vice President Project Financing at Bank of Montreal and Vice President of Citibank responsible for Corporate Banking in Eastern Canada, he joined Middlefield Group in 1985, and for many years, he served as CEO of the group’s core investment management business. 

After stepping back from his full-time duties at Middlefield in 2012, Garth assumed the role of Executive Director of LeaderImpact for several years. This involvement was a catalyst for his recently completed book, More Than Your Business Card.

Garth is currently Vice Chairman of Middlefield Group and Special Advisor to the senior management team. He also serves on the national board of directors of Teen Challenge Canada and the board of Catch The Fire Church in Toronto. 

Garth and his wife Mary are involved in various church leadership roles around the world. They place a high priority on family and, in particular, enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren.  

Join us now for a conversation with Garth Jestley as we chat about our relationship with money in our personal, professional and spiritual life!

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