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Ep 44 - Mary Ann Morales - Know What is Important

September 27, 2023 LeaderImpact Episode 44
LeaderImpact Podcast
Ep 44 - Mary Ann Morales - Know What is Important
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What happens when life throws you an unexpected curveball?  Mary Ann Morales, a seasoned real estate agent, knows a thing or two about facing adversity. After surviving a near-death experience and dealing with her second child's severe diagnosis, her tenacity and resolve were only strengthened. This transformative chapter in her life spurred her to prioritize family over her budding career and led her to the world of real estate - a field she has been passionately pursuing for over two decades.

Mary Ann's journey is not just about overcoming personal challenges, but also about integrating these experiences into her professional life. Listen to her touching anecdotes about how sharing her struggles with clients has transformed her professional relationships and how her faith journey, helped her navigate through life's ups and downs. Mary Ann's story is an inspiring testament to resilience and the power of community, underpinned by her principle of treating others as she would wish to be treated. Tune in to be moved and motivated by her stirring story.

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