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Ep. 2 - Braden Douglas - No One Succeeds Alone

February 02, 2022 LeaderImpact Episode 2
LeaderImpact Podcast
Ep. 2 - Braden Douglas - No One Succeeds Alone
Show Notes

Thank you for the great support of the LeaderImpact Podcast. As a reward to our listeners, we are releasing a bonus episode for you. Enjoy!


Braden Douglas is the founder of CREW Marketing Partners, one of the fastest-growing strategic marketing and creative agencies in Canada. Founded in 2007, CREW has won numerous awards for their service and brand leadership. Braden started his career in brand management at Frito Lay and Procter & Gamble, but throughout his life, his passion has been helping leaders make a significant impact in the world.

He currently volunteers with LeaderImpact as a member of the Global Advisory Board, where he plays a key role mentoring leaders, speaking, and developing content. Formerly from Vancouver, BC, Braden has recently moved his family to Dallas, Texas where he has opened a fourth office. 

I had the opportunity to do a live follow-up Q&A with Braden many months ago after a keynote, and I am going to bring up some of those questions here today.  But the one thing I walked away knowing about Braden is that no one succeeds alone.  

Braden’s commitment to the people around him is evident in everything he does. I took this quote from the CREW website, “With a strong brand that commands respect and with a higher purpose, you could make the future better for everyone”.   We really can make a difference with our brand.  And once you meet Braden, you will see he does things differently.

Join us now for a conversation with Braden Douglas about his new book and really the idea that no one can succeed alone in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

Remember - impact starts with you!

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